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Poultry Rings

Rings are only for identification


Rings are for identification purposes only.

A bird with a ring does not guarantee that it is of a certain quality nor that it has won an award on a SASPO or any other show.

Rings can only be ordered by SASPO members through their clubs. It is not permitted to buy rings on behalf of people who are not SASPO members. There are three ring orders a year. The ringmaster of a club will send out application forms before the closing date of a ring order. These forms must be filled in timeously to reach the SASPO Ringmaster before the closing date. The usual age to ring fowl is around 12 to 14 weeks of age but differs from breed to breed. Ring sizes for the various poultry are decided upon by the SASPO committee and are available on the ring size list. Any bird wearing a ring larger than the size specified shall be disqualified at a show. Because of public participation in Agricultural Shows, the bearing of sealed rings is not compulsory at these shows. However, no other removable type of ring, cable tie or leg band of whatever nature shall be allowed and must be removed before birds are penned.    
  • Proof of payment must accompany the order form.
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Ring Order Forms will be sent out. 


To download the the SASPO Ring Size List click HERE