About PPK

We are a Show Poultry Club 
We do it as a Hobby
We are the only poultry show holding club in Gauteng


  • Our club is affiliated with the Southern African Show Poultry Association (SASPO), our main organisation, for which we have to pay a yearly fee per member. We all are bound by SASPO laws and rules, which include show rules and breed standard rules. This is needed for uniformity within a club, between the clubs and between clubs and SASPO.

  • Pretoria Poultry Club organises three shows a year, but there are more shows organised by other clubs where our members can show their birds. We have an annual country-wide Championship Show as well. This show is organised under the auspices of SASPO.

  • We are also concerned about the welfare of our birds. We have guidelines available for most poultry illnesses, inoculation protocols and we have general guidelines for raising healthy poultry. These haven’t just appeared overnight. They come from years of experience by a lot of fanciers who have successfully raised standard bred poultry. We also look at other countries for knowledge on breeds, e.g. their standards.

  • This is where SASPO plays a big part. SASPO is also our link to government and other associations.

  • We have an annual general meeting where members can voice complaints and share ideas.

  • We are one big family of show poultry lovers or fanciers. Our members are young and old, male and female. We have wonderful times showing our birds and competing at shows, while at the same time we try to breed the perfect bird.


The committee of Pretoria Poultry Club (PPC) or as we are known in Afrikaans: Pretoria Pluimveeklub (PPK),

hope visitors to our website will find it all interesting enough to join our club and in so doing, become a fancier

and a member of our big family of poultry lovers.