Pretoria Poultry Club

We are a show poultry club.

We do it as a hobby, which is why we are called fanciers.

We are the only show holding club exhibiting show poultry in Gauteng.


Red Jungle Fowl

Show poultry club, Pretoria

Our members are poultry breeders or fanciers of show poultry. Our mission is to preserve the integrity of poultry breeds, of which most are rare.

We organise poultry shows in Gauteng where we can enter our beautiful standard bred birds, show them off and share knowledge.

PPC/PPK is a poultry club in Pretoria catering solely for our hobby, which is show poultry. Our aim is to educate fanciers, to breed the best standard or pure-bred show poultry with the help of breed specific criteria. Our club provides a platform where fanciers around Gauteng can show off their beautiful birds, can get together and chat about poultry and just generally, have a good time. This all takes time, effort and money.

We therefore formed an enthusiastic committee for the Pretoria Poultry Club to help organise meetings, club functions and keep our members up to date in terms of poultry shows and anything else to do with poultry. We do ask our members to pay a club fee for the running of the club. 
As an active poultry club, we also organise judges from other clubs to share their knowledge with us. There are also fanciers from around South Africa who might be experts in certain breeds of poultry and we entice them to come and show their birds so that we can learn from them.

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Please remember:
1.) We are a show poultry club,
ie our hobby is show poultry.
2.) If you want information on breeds
and/or their availability, join our club.

Chairman: Joachim +27 (0)73-926 8893

Secretary: Dalene +27 (0)78-373 5387